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Do you like to push your music on people? Do you freak out when you hear a new song and want to run around playing it for everyone in sight? Do you sit around making the perfect mix for a friend, only to find out that they eventually taped over it?

This is a community for people who are still partial to good ole mixtapes. The intent of this community is to get people trading mixes and hopefully open some minds about the many genres of music out there. The mixes don't necessarily need to be themed. I'm also encouraging people overseas to join.

Does your city have a kickin' local band? Do you have your own band and want to get unbiased opinions? Tell us about it here!

I really want to get a nice little trading ring going on here. While mixtapes are preferred, CD-r's will also be accepted.

And remember: It doesn't matter what kind of music you're into.