Rachel (dispatchgerl) wrote in mixtape_a_gogo,

I made this mixtape about two weeks ago:

Side One:
Helpless- Crosby Stills and Nash
Pink Moon-Nick Drake
Change the World- Eric Clapton
Rock and Roll- Led Zeppelin
Roll With It- Oasis
First Thing First- Harriet's Got a Song
The Battle of Who Could Care Less- Ben Folds Five
Camera Shy- The Lucksmiths
Sample in a Jar- Phish
Fuel- Ani DiFranco
Flyswatter- Eels
The One I Love- REM
Celibate Life- The Shins

Side Two:
Tell the Truth- J Mascis and the Fog
Mean Mr. Mustard- The Beatles
Polythene Pam- The Beatles
Jesus, etc.- Wilco
You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will- Bright Eyes
Stormy Weather- Billie Holiday
You Shall See- G. Love and Special Sauce
All Along the Watchtower- Bob Dylan
Cement Playgrounds- Family Junction
49 Bye Byes- Crosby Stills and Nash
So Says I- The Shins
Hashpipe- Weezer
Where It's At- Beck
On Top- Moldy Peaches
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